documenting worlds
photography by annie appel
film-based work *
Facets* (1988-1990)

"Facets" is a series of 75 mural prints I made
between 1988-1990. Each mural was shot
consecutively and printed precisely as it was
composed in camera by placing the entire strip
of film into the 8x10 inch negative carrier for
exposures make with an 8x10 Durst enlarger.
This image, when viewed in person, is 8'x6,'
close to the actual size of the person in the
photo. Typically shooting a portrait made in
this method required about 45 minutes of
careful shooting, taking time to memorize
where each frame began and where each
frame ended since the challenge I set-up for
myself with this series was not to allow any
editing or substitutions - or tripods!