documenting worlds
photography by annie appel
film-based work *
Waiting (work in progress)

Thursday 11 September 2014
10:36 night - Woodley Ave at mom's house

Tonight you said you'd bought my birthday card.
"My birthday card?" I asked, not certain I'd  
heard correctly.

"Yes, for next month," you said, with a matter of
fact tone of voice.

"Next month?" I ask, trying to hide my shock.

Next month. Next month is October. My
birthday is April. Four months lost. And I think,
'But that's not...' but I can't. I can't bear it. Your
confusion. I say nothing because it would be too
upsetting. What would be the point?

Later in the evening I ask when you'll be going
to visit Eli, the newest grandchild. You think
you'll go about six weeks from now and  I say,
"Let's see that will be" - and you correctly
answer, "November."

I want to hold you in my arms. I want to protect
you from this. I don't want you to disappear.
29 February 2016 - The Village (assisted living)